When using a staffing agency firm, it’s natural for individuals seeking employment and businesses seeking staffing services to have questions concerning how things work. While not intended to cover every question we’ve heard, we’ve included some of the more common ones we have received.

Does it cost me anything to find a job ?

There is no charge to individuals.

If I am employed do you deduct anything from my check?

As with any employee working, there will be deductions from a check for taxes and any optional programs the employee elects to use. Any employment fees are part of the contract between the business and WorkForce Staffing.

What kind of screening is performed for potential employers?

In today’s world, businesses must ensure that they have done everything they can to hire people, even for temporary work, who are not criminals or have substance abuse issues. As a result, WorkForce Staffing requires all persons placed through us to take and pass a drug screen. We also do a criminal background check on each potential employee.

Do you do other types of screenings?

More and more businesses, especially larger and service oriented companies, have begun to use social networking sites such as Facebook and search engine sites such as Google, to learn more about potential workers. WorkForce staffing does not currently utilize these methods in our background investigations unless the business we are working with specifically contracts for this additional service.

If I am hired for a job, who is my boss/employer?

WorkForce Staffing is your “employer” for the duration of the agreement we have with the business using your work talents. Your day to day “boss” or the person who monitors your daily work will be someone from the company. In many cases, when the worker and the business find the arrangement to be a good one, the company may make an offer of employment. After your obligation to WorkForce staffing has been satisfied, you work only for that company.

How long must I work for WorkForce Staffing before I can be considered for permanent hire?

90 days or 480 hours.

How long has WorkForce Staffing been in business?

In July of 2010, Workforce Staffing celebrated our tenth year of being in business as an independent staffing agency.

What percentage of employees working through for you gets hired by the companies using them?

Many people are surprised when we tell them that almost 80% of the employees we place are eventually hired by the business they are working with. We’re very proud of that fact.